gentle end of life care at home

“Our team of veterinarians and trained support professionals are here to help you every step of the way. We assist you with knowing when it’s time and with euthanasia in your home so your dog or cat can pass away in peace and comfort. We handle everything related to transportation and cremation. And we’re here for you after the appointment if you need additional support.” So says mnpets.com, a place to access end of life care for your animal companion.


The website offers articles and information on “Knowing When It’s Time To Say Goodbye” for example, excerpt below:
We know that you take this decision seriously and want to do what’s right. This information, in addition to that provided by your pet’s veterinarian, is your objective guide to decide what’s right for your pet. Three helpful things to consider:
1. Is my pet suffering or in pain?
2. Has my pet’s quality of life diminished significantly?
3. Am I able to provide the care my pet needs?


Other services with accompanying articles include:
What to Expect During the Euthanasia Appointment: http://www.mnpets.com/fees-services

Cremation: http://www.mnpets.com/cremation

Comfort Care: http://www.mnpets.com/comfortcare
The MN Pets Comfort Care Program provides support to help you through the last stage of your pet’s life journey with helpful information, regular check-ups for your pet, and continued support. This care and attention is provided by veterinarians and our support team experienced with the latest information about end of life care for pets. We keep in close contact with you and schedule regular check-ins to keep abreast of your pet’s changing condition and will recommend strategies that are most successful at relieving symptoms that are problems for older pets.

The docs and all of their info: http://www.mnpets.com/our-doctors

Other resources: http://www.mnpets.com/resources

Contact us at support@MNpets.com; Call us at: (612) 354-8500 or (651) 354-9423


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