Smitty Pet MemorialSophie Pet Memorial
Stacia Goodman creates mosaic pet memorials. She is an animal lover and bonds deeply with her family pets. She said, “The loss felt after one’s pet passes is profound and it should be honored.”

Honoring Pets Who Have Passed

“I had been making personalized spiritual altars, using antique holy cards, for a few years. When our beloved family dog died, I instantly knew that I had to create a memorial altar for her, as a way to honor the incredible love she had given us for 12 years. I wanted to incorporate her collar, dog tags, fur and a favorite photo — all of the things dog lovers save, but never know quite how to display,” she said.

“I’ve been creative my entire life and, eventually, my interest in found objects, collage and tile led to taking an intro mosaic class. I loved — and still love — the tactile part of creating something permanent with my hands. I rarely sketch anything in advance; I just start piecing things together. I recently completed a deeply personal mosaic to honor my mom who passed away this year. It’s made from pieces of white porcelain and objects I found on the shores ofLake Superior.

Custom Memorials Help With Grief Process

“I made an altar for one gentleman that was very meaningful (although all altars/memorials are). His dog had passed away two years prior, and they had had a very deep bond. The dog had helped him through some difficult phases of his life and he felt indebted to his dog’s spirit. Even though two years had passed, he felt he couldn’t fully move on until he honored his dog with a memorial altar. I was equally honored to meet with him, listen to his story, and help with his grieving process by creating a custom piece of art. —Stacia Goodman,


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