PAULETTE SALO: Pet Portrait Artist

“I do pet portraits but mine are different from the usual. The pet, either alive or deceased, will tell me what to paint,” said Paulette Salo.

She explained that she captures their personality in the painting because their energy comes through to her. “The image looks like them but the spark is there too!”

Her work is done in more creative and unusual ways than the average photography portrait. She explains she has four different motifs she may use because oftentimes pet owners want to be in the portrait but do not want their faces seen.

“For example, one of them I’ve done is of an elderly couple walking on a path in the snow with their little Shih Tzu but facing away so what you see is the man with his arm around his wife, walking their beloved pet,” she said.

She also does impressionistic type paintings where, for example, you see a child walking their dog in a setting that might resemble one near their actual home. It’s more organic to the lifestyle of the client.  “It’s not artificially posed.”

“I also have another technique for those owners who want themselves in the painting but do not want to be seen: I paint from the knees down with the pet placed nearby. These are adorable.”

Oftentimes, clients will want a portrait of a dog in a special environment so she then paints a portrait that tells a story. “I offer many unique and creative options for pet portraiture,” said Paulette.

Paulette Salo’s custom work can accommodate any size, dimension, or other space need for your home or office. She will work with the budget you have. See her work at Call her at 763.546.4076 or email your inquiry to

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