By Mari Morin

When asked “how is retirement?” my answer is: “It’s all about the dogs.” I am blessed to devote to volunteer at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC). The animals’ temporary stay affords them perks such as symphony music, toys, and blankets for the kitties and for the dogs: Kuranda beds, blankets and kongs filled with tasty filling.

Volunteer commitment is only four hours a month but we are encouraged to sign in anytime staff is there to walk dogs and cuddle with the cats.

I love to bathe and buff the available dogs for public adoption. Some are used to the love and attention—and others are petrified never having enjoyed the gentle touch massage and warm water. My joy is taking photos of the “available” critters and posting them on the Friends of MACC Facebook page. Most rewarding for me is re-uniting a lost furbutt at MACC with their family after I’ve spotted them on Lost Dogs-MN or Lost Cats-MN Facebook pages, Craig’s List or the Animal Humane Society website. Having lost an indoor cat 26 years ago, I remember the heartache and frustration of never finding Cocoa and having closure.

It is crucial to post a current poster at MACC and on the social media sites listed above to boost public exposure in getting your family member back home. Visit MACC frequently. Don’t rely on volunteer photos alone. Colors, size and description can vary depending on cameras, description and length of time missing. A stray pet is on hold several days before they are available to the public and we cannot post them on the site. And if you can distribute and post fliers, that helps, too.

Most importantly, if you have the love and commitment to foster, please consider fostering through a MACC approved rescue partner and give a homeless pet a chance at a new life.

Most days are spent with three RAGOM dogs, (Retrieve a Golden of MN)—Meg (rescued from a puppy mill in 2007) and Heather (rescued from a hoarder 2009) and a foster dog. I’ve been a RAGOM volunteer for six years. We adopted MiMi, a black cat from Wisconsin, found terrified on a busy highway.

I met Ilga Dec. 6, 2009 when she did a communication reading with just a picture of Meg and Heather. Ilga knew nothing about Meg and Heather until she saw the photo. Ilga said Heather (our foster at the time) planned to stay with us forever. Heather had many destructive issues but she was very bonded to Meg. She sabotaged the four families interested in adopting her and true to Ilga’s prediction we adopted Heather Mothers Day 2010.

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