The Blissful Dog: Products to Smooth and Soothe

For over twenty years I bred and showed Top Winning, Number One, fancy, schmancy French Bulldogs. As you know, show dogs have to look great and feel great to bring home the big ribbons and French Bulldogs are notorious for having dry, crusty noses. There was nothing available for dog noses and the suggested options were full of petroleum by-products or didn’t work. The wheels began to turn…

One day, back in 2001, I was slathering shea butter on my legs and two of my French Bulldogs rushed over to see if I had something for them to eat. Without really thinking, I dabbed some on their noses. Within two days they had soft, smooth noses. I was amazed and the wheels began to turn. I bought more shea butter, used it on my own dogs and shared it with friends at the dog shows. After many requests I began selling my concoction at dog shows and online (that first shop was “A” PayPal button that took me all day to configure).

At first the only label was a Frenchie, which I soon changed to a photo. After many requests I added Pug, Boxer, Bulldog and Boston Terrier labels. More and more people asked for labels with their beloved breed and before you knew it…there were over 100 dog breed labels. Crazy, I know! The actual NOSE BUTTER is the same recipe, the breed labels are just for fun and it all started from people randomly asking for breeds.

Soon, PAW BUTTER, ELBOW BUTTER and BOO BOO BUTTER were all added to the product line, to the relief and delight of dogs everywhere. Now, we even have a complete bath and body line: Blissfully Clean Dogs.

The Blissful Dog has been 100% bootstrapped, with it being a one-woman show for the first few years. Only two years ago did I add to the team and now we have two full-time and several part-time, as-needed dog crazy team members!

Last October we moved The Blissful Dog to The Blissful Farm, a 40-acre farm that had been in one family for over 100 years. We are now entrusted as caretakers of this truly blissful bit of the earth. This part of the saga is still unfolding!

The Blissful Dog is available on our retail website and also in hundreds of stores worldwide with more virtually every day. We look forward to making your dog’s life a bit more blissful.


Our NOSE BUTTER® moisturizes dry, crusty or cracked dog noses with a rich shea butter based formulation. It is applied 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days, to get the nose back in shape, and then 1-2x a week for maintenance. There are a lot of dog breeds with a predisposition toward having an extreme type of dryness, called nasal hyperkeratosis. Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Boxers, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Mastiffs, Pekingese, Japanese Chin and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are just a few of the breeds prone to this. Our research leads us to believe that dog breeds with extremes in body type have a bit of a lowered immune system and this is one way that presents. The following characteristics seem to be associated with the breeds that are prone to this condition; extremely flat-faced, extremely bully, extremely small, extremely large, extremely heavy bodied.


PAW BUTTER, of course, moisturizes their paws; ELBOW BUTTER soothes and moisturizes elbow calluses and our BOO BOO BUTTER is for minor skin irritations. We have a line of aromatherapy products to support dogs in a range of ways; mentally and emotionally. Relax helps calm and well, relax dogs during stressful events such as thunderstorms, fireworks, travel and separation. Age Well supports your aging dog and helps them be more peaceful and present. Focus helps the distracted, inattentive dog focus for classes, events and training. Our Blissfully Clean Dogs Shampoo line offers a complete range of shampoos, conditioners, soaps and skin care for dogs.

We have also recently launched The Blissful Horses and look forward to bringing bliss to horses, ponies and equines everywhere!


Sometimes I feel so helpless when I see news stories about hordes of dogs being taken from puppy mills or dogs lost in weather events like the recent hurricanes, fires and such. To think about ALL the dogs that need help can be daunting. But I can wrap my head around helping ONE dog at a time. So we created the One Blissful Dog Mission to help…one dog at a time. My vision was of one elderly Pug who ended up in a shelter when his owner passed away. This Pug was scared, his care had been neglected a bit and his future was bleak. But with a bath, some NOSE BUTTER and a bit of attention from the shelter staff, he looked better and felt better. This freshening up made him more adoptable and soon he had his forever home. Happy Ending!


Now customers can add One Blissful Dog items to their cart and purchase at greatly reduced costs. At the end of the year we match each product purchased and donate all of the products to approved dog rescue groups. This is a new initiative and we’ve been thrilled with the response so far.

Visit and

gentle end of life care at home

“Our team of veterinarians and trained support professionals are here to help you every step of the way. We assist you with knowing when it’s time and with euthanasia in your home so your dog or cat can pass away in peace and comfort. We handle everything related to transportation and cremation. And we’re here for you after the appointment if you need additional support.” So says, a place to access end of life care for your animal companion.


The website offers articles and information on “Knowing When It’s Time To Say Goodbye” for example, excerpt below:
We know that you take this decision seriously and want to do what’s right. This information, in addition to that provided by your pet’s veterinarian, is your objective guide to decide what’s right for your pet. Three helpful things to consider:
1. Is my pet suffering or in pain?
2. Has my pet’s quality of life diminished significantly?
3. Am I able to provide the care my pet needs?


Other services with accompanying articles include:
What to Expect During the Euthanasia Appointment:


Comfort Care:
The MN Pets Comfort Care Program provides support to help you through the last stage of your pet’s life journey with helpful information, regular check-ups for your pet, and continued support. This care and attention is provided by veterinarians and our support team experienced with the latest information about end of life care for pets. We keep in close contact with you and schedule regular check-ins to keep abreast of your pet’s changing condition and will recommend strategies that are most successful at relieving symptoms that are problems for older pets.

The docs and all of their info:

Other resources:

Contact us at; Call us at: (612) 354-8500 or (651) 354-9423

Rita Greenberg bakes cakes & cupcakes for dogs at

400 px puppy chewing cupcake

An interview by and Rita Greenberg, owner of

Tell us how you got started with

When my dog Ernie turned one, I decided to throw him a birthday party. Like any fun party, I wanted him to have a personalized dog birthday cake. After searching online and at local dog boutiques, I wasn’t satisfied with the options that were available. I wanted Ernie’s cake to be personalized and baked fresh, which is why I started ErnieCakes in 2013.

What products and services do you offer? sells dog cakes and cupcakes that are perfect for any day of the year! We sell 3″ and 5″ cakes that come in a variety of colors and shapes as well as cupcakes. All of our products are baked fresh to order and can be personalized. Every dog should get a special treat!

All of our products can be purchased on Since all of our cakes are baked fresh, please allow up to 10 days to receive your cake from the day you order it.

Are all your cakes and cupcakes dog friendly?

Yes, all the ingredients used in ErnieCakes are safe for dogs. We encourage you to treat them in moderation as with any other dog treat. The ingredients in our cakes include: whole wheat flour, milk, peanut butter, honey, vegetable oil, eggs, baking powder, vanilla extract, baking soda, fondant and food coloring. We do not currently bake grain-free or gluten free products.

party hat puppy 400


Do you ship your cakes and cupcakes?

We do! We ship across ErnieCakes across the United States using USPS 2-Day Express. You can visit out website or call 651.560.6564.

We have videos on our YouTube channel. 



Smitty Pet MemorialSophie Pet Memorial
Stacia Goodman creates mosaic pet memorials. She is an animal lover and bonds deeply with her family pets. She said, “The loss felt after one’s pet passes is profound and it should be honored.”

Honoring Pets Who Have Passed

“I had been making personalized spiritual altars, using antique holy cards, for a few years. When our beloved family dog died, I instantly knew that I had to create a memorial altar for her, as a way to honor the incredible love she had given us for 12 years. I wanted to incorporate her collar, dog tags, fur and a favorite photo — all of the things dog lovers save, but never know quite how to display,” she said. Continue reading


By Mari Morin

When asked “how is retirement?” my answer is: “It’s all about the dogs.” I am blessed to devote to volunteer at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC). The animals’ temporary stay affords them perks such as symphony music, toys, and blankets for the kitties and for the dogs: Kuranda beds, blankets and kongs filled with tasty filling.

Volunteer commitment is only four hours a month but we are encouraged to sign in anytime staff is there to walk dogs and cuddle with the cats.

I love to bathe and buff the available dogs for public adoption. Some are used to the love and attention—and others are petrified never having enjoyed the gentle touch massage and warm water. My joy is taking photos of the “available” critters and posting them on the Friends of MACC Facebook page. Most rewarding for me is re-uniting a lost furbutt at MACC with their family after I’ve spotted them on Lost Dogs-MN or Lost Cats-MN Facebook pages, Craig’s List or the Animal Humane Society website. Having lost an indoor cat 26 years ago, I remember the heartache and frustration of never finding Cocoa and having closure.

Continue reading

CHUDA LONO: Foster Dog of Wendy Hitch

By Wendy Hitch

Chuda is my special animal companion. He was entrusted to me to foster and train by Helping Paws, a service dog organization in Hopkins ( Chuda will live with me for about 2.5 years and then, as a young adult dog, will be given as a service dog to a person who has physical disabilities. Chuda: “miracle, wonder, marvel” and Lono: “bosom buddy” are Russian words and describe the essence of the partnership he provides.

I am so proud of this little guy and look forward to our adventures together—sharing a good life and coaching him (under the tutelage of Helping Paws trainers)—to learn and master the skills he will need to do his extraordinary job!  The training for Chuda is an ongoing daily commitment; watch for us around town together where he is learning to concentrate on his skills surrounded by the distractions of everyday life. One of the best things about raising a service dog is that I get to take him with me everywhere and I am very happy with Chuda at my side! He is now 1.5 years old and has learned a long list of verbal and cued commands. Many of the tasks—turning on lights, opening doors, greeting at the door—are multi-step skills and have taken much practice before we both feel the “a-ha” moment when he understands what is being asked of him. It requires patience and creative thinking to communicate with Chuda and I always use positive reinforcement when he does what is being asked of him.

Being a foster trainer has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy the social time spent training and taking field trips with other training teams, doing promotional and fund-raising events for Helping Paws and talking with people who want to learn more about service dogs.



PAULETTE SALO: Pet Portrait Artist

“I do pet portraits but mine are different from the usual. The pet, either alive or deceased, will tell me what to paint,” said Paulette Salo.

She explained that she captures their personality in the painting because their energy comes through to her. “The image looks like them but the spark is there too!”

Her work is done in more creative and unusual ways than the average photography portrait. She explains she has four different motifs she may use because oftentimes pet owners want to be in the portrait but do not want their faces seen.

“For example, one of them I’ve done is of an elderly couple walking on a path in the snow with their little Shih Tzu but facing away so what you see is the man with his arm around his wife, walking their beloved pet,” she said.

She also does impressionistic type paintings where, for example, you see a child walking their dog in a setting that might resemble one near their actual home. It’s more organic to the lifestyle of the client.  “It’s not artificially posed.”

“I also have another technique for those owners who want themselves in the painting but do not want to be seen: I paint from the knees down with the pet placed nearby. These are adorable.”

Oftentimes, clients will want a portrait of a dog in a special environment so she then paints a portrait that tells a story. “I offer many unique and creative options for pet portraiture,” said Paulette.

Paulette Salo’s custom work can accommodate any size, dimension, or other space need for your home or office. She will work with the budget you have. See her work at Call her at 763.546.4076 or email your inquiry to

Welcome to Feed Play Love Pet Sitting!

It is off to a great start with the official launching of my new business and website. Welcome to Feed Play Love Pet Sitting! We are up and running and ready to serve you.

I want to thank David of Because Collective for creating the fun website. Much gratitude goes out to Zach for taking the cute pictures of my furry friends. And a big thank you to all my clients who have trusted me in their homes caring for their pets. I welcome aboard Nicola and Cynthia, my impeccable pet sitting assistants. Whether you’re traveling or just in need of a helping hand, we’re here to serve you and your pets.